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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Eddie D.

A liberal lie. Dude, are you high? I don't think there's a single issue, other than possibly the effects of gravity, that the scientific community around the world agrees on more uniformly than global warming. And boy, what a stretch it is to imagine that the human population (which has doubled in less than a hundred years) can actually have a negative impact on the environment. But agreeing to that would be bad for business, right. Bonehead! The right had previously wanted to deny the effects of florocarbons on the ozone layer....next they'll say the rain forests aren't necessary.


I live in northern Wisconsin and I am a fan of global warming whatever the cause . I know we may lose Florida and a few tropical resorts but I am looking forward to the day when we can grow peach and pecan trees up here. Don't change a thing.
To everyone who disputes global warming , I kindly ask that you keep your opinion. To those who want to combat global warming with actions from industrial nations: keep your opinions to yourself. Palm trees in NYC is a goal not a crime.

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